The Pac is Back!


It seems that everyone’s favorite insatiable yellow guy is getting a new TV show, produced by Marvel movie producing big-wig, Avi Arad.

The show, which will be in 3D, was introduced at the recently completed Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) with a trailer which can be found below the jump. The trailer was shown in 3D, but recorded on a 2D camera and posted on, so the picture is quite blurry.

The basic premise of the Pac-Man TV show is the same as the game – the yellow hero eats ghosts, as well as everything else. However, in order to make the show, the creators needed to craft a story that could support flushed out characters. While the story is explained in the trailer, it’s your standard show where ghosts are trying to take over “Pac World” and only one thing can stop them: Pac-Man (but trust me, he’s no man in the trailer, its Pac-Boy if anything).

And yes, he does eat them.

Not that I would ever watch the show, but I think this is just exploiting a much beloved video game character to re-boot a franchise and cause kids to spend money on it. And 3D, really?

What do you think?


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