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Hey Bastards! As most of you know we are super stoked for Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead. Which, for those that are new is a live-action adaptation of the acclaimed comic series by Robert Kikrman. It tells the tale of group of people coming together to survive the zombie apocalypse. As I’ve said before, It’s not about Zombies popping out of no where to give us a good scare. No, it’s a rich, smart, character driven story about what happens when a group of people are forced to survive in a world ruled by the dead. It’s filled with great moments of suspense, psychological terror and gut wrenching loss. I digress, suffice to say this is by far one our most anticipated TV series, which will air on AMC (Same folks reasonable for Breaking Bad and Mad Men). Production kicked off in Atlanta a few weeks ago and we’ve been teased with a series of Zombie images, our first look at Andrew Lincoln as title character Rick Grimes and a featurette of Darabont talking up the series.

Just as Zombies crave brains so do we crave for more Walking Dead. Well, AMC has thrown us another bone to chew on. They have a couple more production photos to show you along with a behind the scenes featurette that takes you to the school of zombies (I wanna go to Zombie school!)

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The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in October 2010 during Fearfest.

The Walking Dead 6

The Walking Dead 7

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