If movies like Kick-Ass, Defendor and Blank Man have told us anything, it’s that at some point some crazy jackass would dawn the cape and cowl to uphold truth justice blah blah blah… Eventually that man would find others to follow in his foot steps and form some kind of league. Well, the day is here and the time is now!

Peter Tagnen is a photographer that one day decided to take up the task of documenting the life of these self-proclaimed superheroes (a real life Peter Parker). His solution came in the form of “The Real Life Super Hero Project.” Unlike the efforts of characters like Kick Ass these guys aren’t going for guts and glory but taking a much more civil and realistic approach. These Real Life Super Heroes are cleaning up the streets through acts of community service, charity work, and other forms of human kindness, but with a costume.

My two cents: This sounds like a great cause just like the G4 Star Wars themed charity car wash. So give your local neighborhood a hand shake but but make sure he has taken his meds prior. 😉

If you would like to check out more on The Real Life Super Hero Project.
of check out Comics Alliance, they are the ones that lead us to these nuts!

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