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Before you’re allowed to get to the actual article, I want to preface by saying I’m an unbiased party in the way that I own a Droid but am also an Apple fan, having an iPod Touch and a Macbook Pro, so I’m for both sides.  Okay, read on…

The debate has been going on for a while, now.  Which phone is better? Droid or iPhone?  There are many arguments for both sides and then every time it seems there is a clear winner, one of the companies comes out with the next generation of phone.  iPhone 4 comes out June 24th and on the eve of that, Verizon and Motorola announce their new phone Droid X that boasts a screen larger than iPhone 4 (4.3 in. screen vs a 3.5 in. screen) and better video and picture recording quality, as well as an HDMI out port.

How can one keep up?  Every time you think you have the coolest new gadget, the very next DAY (or in this case, the day before) you find out there is something better coming out in less than a month.  The Droid X is set to come out on July 15th.  Since we can’t really compare the two new phones by specs yet (the Droid X has yet to release too much info about itself) let us compare the phones’ users!

The typical iPhone user seems to be merely an Apple fanboy (or girl). They allow themselves to be herded along, snatching up anything Apple deems worthy to crank out and will pre-order the items without hesitation and stand in long lines for hours to pick them up. These consumers also take pride in a day wasted for such a task, not really knowing any better. They know only Apple, and curse anything else on the grounds simply because “it’s not an Apple product, therefore it is inferior.” The typical iPhone user is also usually a hipster, so beware. Their smug sense of superiority can sometimes be infectious, as they are always looking to recruit the next member for their cult, claiming “fewer dropped calls!” Yeah, right. So long as you can actually get signal in the first place.

However, the typical Droid user is no better. They too have a heightened sense of misplaced superiority, having scooped up their Droid simply for the fact that it is not an Apple product. Most of these people are Apple-haters and severe Verizon loyalists, likewise recruiting for their own newly risen cult and being easily dazzled by the surreal ads Verizon is churning out to confuse the masses. In thinking Apple users are pretentious and only buy for looks instead of functionality, they too show just how pretentious they are. Boasting of their unlimited app access and buying them left and right. They don’t know when to stop and therefore become useless, glued to their touch screens and muttering about their superior signal ranges nationwide, not realizing they lack the 3G speed they truly need for a phone with that much power.

Based on this it seems that the phones (and their users) are equal, so just go with what your gut tells you to buy.  Either way, someone’s gonna hate you.  Good luck!

Picture above by Lorele Featherstone.

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