Sexy Cosplay of The Week: The Hefty Chest Cakes of Aura Rinoa

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Hey Bastards. It’s Friday. You know what that means? That’s right, it’s another addition of “Sexy Cosplay of The Week”. Where we recognize a cute nerdy girl for her portrayal of pop culture characters. And, least not forget her chest cushions (Yay for BEWBZ!)

There’s nothing better than a hot chick who loves to dress up like an anime characters, who gives us a false sense of hope that we might actually have a chance with her due to the fact that one faucet of her life resonates with our truly pathetic, basement dwelling lives.

This week we speak the name of Aura Rinoa. Perhaps not in the upper echelon of cosplayers we have recently featured but what she lacks in notoriety she makes up for in sultry-ness and totally tit-taculur-ness.

This dark haired princess of primp has been rocking out her hard bod (she must work out) in costumes of notable video game and manga babes since 2003. Over the years she has crafted (with help from her Mom ) over 21 costumes. Each one as detailed and intricate as the last. She leaves nothing to nerd critique. Should there be any inaccuracies they’d be hard to spot. Primarily because this babe is so hot, so intense and so seductive that no nerd with a functioning penis could focus on errors in representation.

Lavish, lustful and lovable, Aura Rinoa is simply put, the stuff nerd dreams are made of.

click after the jump for a collection of Aura Rinoa’s Cosplay. To see the rest of her cosplay be sure to hop on over to her web page

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