No one loves short hairy men like Peter Jackson. No, I mean he really loves them…sexually. According to sources he’s ‘Circling the Hobbit Hole’. Jackson’s deal to Direct the two Hobbit films that have been without a director is being negotiated right now with Warner Bros , New Line, and MGM. Meaning which studio will pay him the most, cause you know he needs MOAR MONIES!


However we hate to be the ones to crush your Hobbit hard-ons, but these projects have been attached to a director for years and nothing has come of it. Obviously nothing it official yet, but that’s not to say he won’t be directing them soon. It’s also not to say he will. Honestly at this point you’re better off reading some creepy fan fiction and relieving the pressure in your blue balls yourself. At least that way you won’t jiz your pants in the first 5 seconds of the opening scene if it does come to fruition. Until then let this oldie but goodie video warm your hearts and your scrotes.

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