Yes, I know that’s from Terminator 2. Anyway. Neato! An original prop from 1984’s Terminator is going up for actuion on July 17th at Heritage Auction Galleries. This metal arm is the only surviving piece from two full sized robots used in the movie as the rest was THROWN AWAY! Wtf?!

Doug Norwine of Heritage says:

“It’s from the private collection of Shay Austin of Los Angeles who was an assistant art director on the movie, and she’s kept it for over a quarter-century. No one was saving props for their future value as memorabilia in those days, and that’s why original items from this classic film are so hard to find.”

Who knows, the entire fate of humankind could rest on the right bidder buying this piece and keeping it safe from those who would use it for nefarious ends.”

Shay says after the explosions he would “run up with the special effects crew to see what was left. We started picking up the pieces and I picked up the arm. In the year we shot, no one was thinking about keeping this stuff, but I tossed the arm into a box with some other leftover props, and then into my storage.”

Smart Man! This is pretty badass! If you’re a fan of Terminator , will be in Beverly Hills on July 17th and also happen to have an extra 15k lying around you should stop by and throw your money in the ring. Who knows maybe you’ll end up with an Iconic piece of movie history! Or you could just send NerdBastards 15k and we’ll invest it ‘properly’.*

*by ‘properly’ I of course mean we’ll spend it on a staff party full of hookers and beer. High FIVE!


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