Hey!! Is this “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore’s long lost brother? He’s was a movie star from our youth that you wanted (Some people I guess?) to be. Not a Goonie, not a Monster Squad kid, no this guy kicked adult ass and ate throughout the whole time! So who the F was he?Chad Power2

Chad Power of 3 Ninjas and 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up was Tum Tum, the morbidly obese fat little fuck ninja who with his two older brothers, Colt and Rocky, beat up full sized ninjas Home Alone style! Seriously though, Macaulay Culkin did far more damage to Joe Pesci than these 3 little homos “Hi-Ya”ing there way through these terrible films. Tum Tum was the only Ninja with absolutely NO ninja ability, and those two? Were The Bride from Kill Bill compared to Tum Tum! Chad Power was not invited back to 3 Ninjas Kickback which I don’t know if they used any of the original cast with. He seems to have not acted since 1995 and is leading the life of a regular douche bag if you check out his Myspace Page and notice that he REALLY wants to be the “The Situation”!

I think its high time for 3 Ninjas Knockback Saboxen.

Chad Power…We Speake your name.

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