True Blood: “It Hurts Me Too” Review


Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård) in the newest episode of HBO's True Blood

WARNING: This Review Contains SPOILERS!

Yes, I know. The corkscrew head sex thing is what everyone will be talking about, but I will get to that in a bit. Let’s get on with the review first, shall we?

This week’s episode of True Blood was in many ways similar to last week’s, as it continued to move our characters into proper position for their arc’s this season. It was a fairly slow paced episode, as there was a lot of stuff to cover from many different characters.

The episode began with the werewolf attack on Sookie, which resulted in Eric getting shot, her hearing the word “Jackson,” and a dead werewolf in Sookie’s front hall. Am I alone in having doubts that Gran’s house will ever be clean?

After Eric buries the dead werewolf in freshly dug grave, Sookie heads off to Jackson, Mississippi with a werewolf bodyguard named Alcide in tow (who is repaying a debt to Eric). Once there, Sookie and Alcide get in a bar-fight with one of the werewolves who kidnapped Bill.

Bill’s storyline was by far the focus for this week, as we got to see his memories of visiting his former wife and children after being turned into a vampire. As well as the lesson his maker Lorena kept drilling into him, that vampires cannot love humans without bringing suffering upon them. This resulted in Bill “hereby renouncing his fealty for the Kingdom of Louisiana” to the King of Mississippi in order to protect them.

This lead to a very odd scene with Lorena, where arguing turned into angry vampire sex, which turned Bill turning Lorena’s head completely around, which (naturally) lead into even more angry vampire sex. Seriously, her head was backwards, and they were still having sex! Kudos to the special effects people who pulled that off, it looked very impressive. I have to admit, that scene made me wince, but it was a hell of a good scene to end with!

Personally, I’ve heard rumblings that people think she’s dead. I don’t buy it. There are way too many good storylines to come out from that violent type of rage sex that occurred between Bill and Lorena.

The Tara storyline continued to bore me, including her having sex with the vampire we were introduced to last week that ransacked Bill’s place and stole Jessica’s dead trucker. His name is Franklin, and all we know about him so far is that he wants to know everything about Bill from Jessica and now Tara.

Nothing new happened with the Jessica storyline other than her having a funny conversation with Pam, who was in the midst of having a lesbian vampire experience, and being interrogated by Franklin. Jason decided he wanted to be a cop, and Sam was at odds with his new family.

So far, season three has been good, but not great. I’ve been trying to think what that is, and I believe I have found it – the immediacy is gone and there are too many storylines floating around. By having to catch-up with so many characters every episode, it does not allow the viewer to get invested in any one storyline.

The top lines for this episode are:
3) “Don’t get married, Sam. The second you do, they try to woman yah” – Sam’s father
2) “That must feel new” – Lafayette on Jason saying that he has too much stuff going on in his head
1) “I quit! I’ve had it with this shit. Every time we clear one murder, two more spring up. It’s like crabgrass!” – Sheriff Bud Dearborne on discovering the body of Jessica’s trucker

The episode was not bad, as it has some great moments and a conclusion that made you sit up and pay attention.

So, for the episode as a whole, I give the “It Hurts Me too” a solid eight pints of blood out of ten.

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