Boy Regained His Eyesight Because Of Nintendo


While we all have heard that video games is bad for us and how it’s just a waste time, we do hear a few good things about video games. While this may not be the first time that Nintendo had some connection with doctors, this one (to me at least)  seems to be greatest thing I ever heard. Ben Michaels, who has been blind in one eye thanks to a severe case of lazy eye, was prescribed to play 2 hours of video games a day. The doctor recommened that he should put an eye patch on his good eye, that way the lazy eye gets all the focus training it can get since video games has repetitive eye movement.

The results? His mother claims that his eyesight has gotten better by 250%. From starting off where he couldn’t even recognize his own families face with the lazy eye, he is now able to read with it. While there is still room for improvement, they will continue this to further improve his eyesight. What do ya’ll think? I think it’s awesome how video games is having a good impact for this young 6 year old as it usually gets bad rep.

Sources: NeatoGeek, dailymail

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