We are a little late on posting this bit of nerdy news but if you haven’t heard, Today, comic and television writer Jeph Loeb was appointed Executive VP, Head of Television by Marvel Entertainment. He, along with Dan Buckley, Publisher & President of Print, Animation & Digital Divisions, will assist in the translating Marvel-owned properties to the small screen, in both live-action and animated forms.

This just feels so fucking wrong! Sure, once upon a time Loeb use to be a good writer. Particularly with some good Batman books like Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory (which are MUST READS). Since then the guys writing career has been on a progressive decline. Seriously, the guy has done nothing except make nerd eyes bleed. Red Hulk saga anyone? Or, how about Ultimates 3? While I could go on tangent about Loebs conquest of comic suckage I should move on to his TV cred. This is the same guy responsible for Heroes season 3. Ya, I guess he is also responsible for the first and best season as well but he eventually fucked things up so bad that he got fired for it. Oh, speaking of getting fired from TV jobs he also got booted from LOST as well. Ugh, so the same guy who ran Heroes into the ground is now in charge of Marvels new, small screen endeavor? Excuse me if I’m a little taken back with this news.

I’m basing my nerd rage on his recent work, which as I’ve said has been atrocious. The glory days of Jeph Loeb seem long gone but perhaps there is still hope. After all this is the same guy who also wrote the script for Commando and Teen Wolf so who knows.

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