Zombie Apocolypse Pie Chart


Everyone would like to think they would be in the pie slice of the chart, mowing down Zombies with a chain saw or a shotgun or (According to Shawn of the Dead) CD’s.  But realistically, this is most likely to be most of our loved ones demise. You see, I would be a Zombie Killer, I have the survival guide! However, you always get fucked up protecting the ones you love. I’d have to off my wife to save her from being eaten, then go rogue. You see, I have a death wish, and a massive supply of weaponry (for real) so, I’d either assemble a small force, or go it alone.

But the pie chart rings very true for everybody, and as much as I want to fight Zombies, with my luck, I’d be the first one bitten by the first Zombie.

via Geekologie

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