Now this, this is interesting.

There have been rumors for a long time that my favorite Batman villain, the Riddler, will be appearing in the next installment of Christopher Nolan’s revamped Batman movies. After seeing the way Nolan did the Joker, I was beyond thrilled at the potential for the Riddler to be properly represented in a Batman movie (I refuse to discuss Jim Carrey’s Riddler in Batman Forever).

But now, Robin Williams told Empire magazine (via musicrooms.net), that he would be willing to play the Riddler in Nolan’s upcoming movie.

I would do Batman in a second, playing anyone, I’d play The Riddler in the next one, although it would be hard to top Heath as the villain and I’m a little hairy for tights… The Batman films have screwed me twice before: years ago they offered my The Joker and then gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me The Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. I’d be like, ‘OK, is this a real offer? If it is, then the answer’s yes. Don’t pump me again motherf**kers.

What gives this rumor some ground to stand on is that Williams was in Christopher Nolan’s first big movie, Insomnia, and has played a dark character before in One Hour Photo. This could be interesting, as long as the character is played not silly, but as a cold, calculating and insane genius.

The Riddler, aka Edward Nigma’s origin is not well known, so it would give Nolan a lot of room to play with. I have heard buzzings that Nigma would play a detective who becomes obsessed with Batman, and begins leaving riddles for Batman to find to prove that he is smarter than the Bat.

What do you think? If not Williams, then who would be your choice to play the Riddler?

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