Ahhhh, Portal.

For so long, there was no news about your sequel, and then at the PlayStation E3 Press Conference, we had out first glimpse at you. It was everything fans of the original could have hoped for, even with the long wait to its release in 2011.

For those that don’t know, Portal was a game packaged in the “Orange Box” for the XBox 360, PS3, Mac and PC. It combined several games created by Valve – Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal.

Portal was a ground-breaking game that not only had a warped sense of humor, but also allowed you to experiment with physics. You were a test subject known as Chell, who obtained a gun that allowed you to fire portals at surfaces to instantly move from one place to another to escape an Aperture Science testing facility.

The only words spoken were by killer turrets that tracked you with lasers, and a mysterious and homicidal entity known as GLaDOs (or Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System). For more on Portal, check out its trailer.

The original Portal was a HUGE hit for Valve, and was one of the most original and entertaining games I have played in a long, long time. If you haven’t played it, I strongly suggest you pick it up.

Now, during this years E3, once the Portal 2 footage had been unveiled, the creators and developers also gave us a glimpse of the game mechanics in the form of a demo.

The demo showcased some of the new features in the game, such as colored goo that either increased your speed or bounced you around, funnels that vacuumed up everything, and also introduced you to a partner of sorts – a floating sphere with an English accent named Wheatly.

This week, the company that makes the game, Valve, is releasing a series of seven videos online showcasing the demo in all its glory. So far, the first three have been unveiled with the rest later this week on the official Portal 2 website.

Below are the ones that have been shown.

1) Meet Wheatley

2) Excursion Funnel

3) Aerial Faith Plate

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