Twilight Ruins Lives


I always knew I’d be able to post something like this.  Twilight is ruining the lives of the poor people who fall into the clutching, sucking ways of the franchise.  Yahoo reports that addiction to the Twilight series may be responsible for relationships and marriages dissolving because people spend all of their times on blogs and message boards related to the series, or reading fan fiction.

When I first read it, I stupidly assumed that women were ignoring their husbands and boyfriends for the series and that was the problem.  But actually, it is reported that some men are the ones doing the ignoring while reading the books and watching the Twilight movies over and over again.  One woman even complained that her husband had a sparkly Team Edward shirt.  (You might want to check if he is still attracted to women, or if you’ve both been checking out men together and you just weren’t aware…)

Meh, addiction is addiction and I suppose that you could be just as addicted to another franchise or thing as Twilight, it isn’t that series specifically that causes this phenomenon.  (ie WoW, alcohol, heroin, Harry Potter, etc) But as I’m such a Twihater, I find it fun to report news like this.

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