Nerdlyweds: Zombies Marry, Eat Guests


Here at Nerdbastards, we’ve already ranted about the annoying aspects of all weddings except the nerdy kind. But an undead ceremony ranks up there on the “A-OK” list, don’t you think?

A couple from… somewhere not in North America… decided that the typical affair with the virginal white dress and ill-fitting tux just wasn’t for them. What was for them? Zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

From garbage-bag bridesmaid dresses to bloodstains in inappropriate places to a guy revealing his nearly naked body under a trench coat (what?!), this wedding has it all. I love that the wedding party took to the streets to delight children and scare the old folks — oh, that poor clerk behind the convenience store counter!

Check out a few pics from the wedding below, and then head over to this blog for the rest.

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