You consider yourself a pretty well informed nerd, right? You’ve watched just about every geektastic movie and television show, and played every game there is. You have a certain level of pride in the time you spent earning your nerd cred. The things you do to attain your authoritative-ness demands respect. However, the embarrassment of being the last guy to the party is enough to shatter your world. It’s a situation we’ve all be in. Friends being all chatty cathy about something that you haven’t quite got into yet. They’re all really into it and your not. Damn friends making you feel all ashamed. Well, your not alone in this. Sharing your pain is Adam WarRock (Eugene Ahm of ) with his musical entry entitled ‘I Have Never Watched an Episode of ‘Doctor Who’ In My Life’.”
Check out the song HERE
The hilarious (and well done, mind you) song is less about hating on the classic BBC show of the zainy time/space traveling Doctor and more about being left out of the conversation that everyone thinks his nerdy ways make him a part of automatically. Whether you’ve seen a single episode or not this song will certainly remind you of the agony you feel when your friends constantly talk about that one thing you haven’t discovered yet. ‘Who’ fans will also get a kick out of this as well. After a few lyrics Adam goes and speculates on what the Doctors powers and abilities might be and where he practices the art of medicine. Funny shit.
source: comicsalliance

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