‘I Kissed A Nerd’ Parody Song


Sorry for the scare posting this weekend folks, but it’s the Fourth of July weekend. I’m sure you understand. To hold you over here’s a song about girls kissing nerds (yes, such a thing does occur. Though, not very often)

This is a parody of the Katy Perry hit ‘I Kissed a Girl’. Except this one’s called ‘I Kissed a Nerd’. It’s pretty self explanatory. Clever idea and decently executed. It was created by the Damsels of Dorkington. Which is ironic, because the second girl in the video (one in red and slave Leia costume) will never be a damsel or one in distress for that matter. Woof! I’ve seen some hideous fucking chuds (I would say chud-ette but I’m sure this is a tranny) in my day but I belive my dick just fell off. I mean my god she looks like Brittany Murphy’s rotting corpse (RIP). May have to wonder if the main girl is hot or if she is just good looking in comparison.

Just play the video and make like Indiana Jones at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and shut your eyes. If you do look then we are not reasponsible for your face melting off.

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