(Zach and Luke modeling their favorite tees from BustedTees.com)

NOTE: 15% off coupon code after the jump

Nerdbastards is lucky to have Bustedtees sponsoring us for the next few weeks, not just because they’re donating prizes for the winners of the ‘Nerd Question of the Week’ but also because they’re an amazingly kickass company!

First off, they are owned by the same company that brings you CollegeHumor from whom we post hilarious videos almost daily.  Obviously they are awesome because they produce some of the most consistently hilarious shit found on the internet these days.

Second, the products they sell are stellar quality.  This is a direct quote taken from their site:

All BustedTees t-shirts and hoodies are screen printed with plastisol ink and discharge printing, which gives the shirts a soft, worn in feel. Many of our competitors use print-on-demand to produce their shirts, which gives them lower production costs and gives you an inferior product that may fade or peel after washing.

I have several t-shirts right now that are fading and peeling and considering I paid my hard-earned money for them, I consider it a personal affront!  I’m going to have to do the right thing and purchase future t-shirts from Bustedtees so I can wear them for a while.


bustedteemovietees(a small selection of their wicked awesome collection of movie tees)

The third and final reason to always purchase your nerd apparel from Bustedtees is because they are rated as a “customer certified merchant” by Bizrate, and they have 128-bit encryption security so all of your personal information will be safe from asshole hackers that want to pretend to be you for a while and spend all your moneyz.

Add to these facts that all hoodies and t-shirts are 100% cotton, you get free shipping if you order 4 or more items, all products are printed and manufactured in the USA (Canadians love this), and you have one hell of a fucking company that should get all of your business!  Go to Bustedtees.com and find that perfect outfit for your next nerd outing!  (Examples of a nerd outing: D&D, Comic con, LARP event, etc)  They also have an e-mail list that you can sign up for on the site to get news about promotions, new items and sales, so make sure to do that as well.

Check out Bustedtees on Twitter and Facebook.

Now the BEST news!  If you go to their site and order anything because you saw this post, you can enter Promo code: NERDBASTARDS and receive a 15% discount.  On ANY item!  Go do it, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!!  Or you can click this link and it will automatically add the discount to your checkout cart.

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