Who is this hot piece of ass you may ask yourself???? Someone who was definitely a reverse UGLY duckling. I want her to be my my friend on MYFace…I mean Facefuck…No! I mean SpaceBook…Oh lord I’ve gone cross eyed….

Yes, Carrie Henn known only to to world as Newt from Aliens. For Sigourney Weaver to go through a a Shit ton of Aliens and face huggers with a Flamethrower taped to a pulse rifle to rescueto cute little girl….And have her Dead at the intro of Alien 3. According to IMDB

She and former co-star, Sigourney Weaver still keep contact by letter.

Had no previous acting experience before Aliens, never even appearing in a school play. Since Aliens, she has never acted or performed in any other motion pictures, or television series.

Works as a schoolteacher

Well…At least she hasn’t turned into a childstar train wreck ala’ Ms. Lohan. But Never acting again? She was as cute as Drew Barrymore in E.T.- Same premise, little girl and an Alien right?….Newt…just…didn’t grow up into the woman Barrymore did….She LOOKS LIKE A SCHOOLTEACHER

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