Is it just me or is the internet finding a bunch of these videos within the last week. Like last week’s Pokemon and Mario, we have another one man a cappela but this one comes with an added sound, the violin. Diwa “Master Diwa” de Leon is a professional composer who likes to play video game music on his free time. Master Diwa seems to love the 8-bit games and Final Fantasy VII that has quite the videos of them on his YouTube account.

Check after the jump to listen to Master Diwa’s take on the Legend of Zelda theme and see if any of ya’ll have the same opinion that I had from watching, which was that the man has quite the collection of hats. As an added bonus, I will post Master Diwa’s one a cappela of One Winged Angel, which if any of you FFVII fans know, is the theme for the evil mama’s boy, Sephiroth.

Source: Tecnabob, Master Diwa’s YouTube Account

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