A Week with Wolverine Music Video


As any comic book fan knows, Wolverine has some of the busiest days in the entire Marvel universe. He is on the Avengers, the X-Men, the super-secret X-Force, as well as makes cameos in numerous other titles and one-shots every month.

Just how does he get through the weeks?

Nerd rockers Kirby Krackel decided to take on this very problem with their new song “On and on,” about the trials and tribulations of Wolverine, everyone’s favorite Canuck (and fyi, as a Canadian, my vote means something).

And for those curious about Wolverine’s schedule, the full video can be found below the jump.

It’s a great song with some very creative lyrics, but see for yourself. Here is a sample of the chorus to get you interested:

Monday comes, fly to the Savage Land.
Tuesday rooftop battles with a gang of Hand.
On and on and on it goes.
And on and on and on it goes until,
Wednesday morn filled up with bullet wounds.
Thursday night tearing up the Wrecking Crew.
On and on and on it goes,
And on and on and on it goes.

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