Ian McKellen Not Waiting Around For Hobbit


Actually make a Hobbit film? “Not with 10,000 men could you do this”. Oi! Every time it seems like The Hobbit is back on track, something comes along and threatens to derail the project. The biggest dark cloud over the film is MGM’s financial situation (owns half the property and film won’t be developed till they sell) But, in weeks past, we saw Guillermo del Toro leave the project Peter Jackson (because of delays) step back in to direct (Maybe) and now Ian McKellen is saying maybe it’s time for him to look at other things as well.

In a recent interview with Today New Zealand Mckellen has this to say,

Well, I’m not under contract and my time is running out, and I’m enjoying working in the theatre. And frankly, I would like to race after doing Waiting For Godot, get on with doing another play, but we’ll have to see. I don’t give the producers the impression that I’m sitting waiting.

Sir Ian. We know you love the theater. We know you love your Lord of the Rings. But you’re a knight! So it is up to you to take up Glamdring once more and fuck shit up. Listen. Each film, made about a billion dollars…So, why don’t you look at them apples.

So he didn’t say that he WASN’T waiting around. He said he’s not giving the impression he’s sitting there doing nothing. Otherwise, he’s keeping himself busy. That’s fine, while the Internet rumor mill is churning out that he’s NOT waiting, he’s just keeping his plate open for appetizer’s while waiting for the Hobbit en tree. They gotta square that shit away with Peter Jackson pronto. He knows the realm, and they need the pro, not bring in a newb who’s only read Hobbit Cliff’s Notes…I think it’s just a matter of time..I believe Sir Ian, and Peter Jackson will sign on soon. I really do.

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