It’s the start of the Summer Anime season over in Japan and folks  it has been awhile since I shown some anime love on the website that I figured it’s about time. There was two shows that started airing this week and while one anime shows homage to Sam Raimi, the other shows homage to George Romero. Click after the jump to read more about each show and how to watch both shows legally on the internet as the anime industry needs all the support it can get.

Occult Academy


Occult Academy is an anime set in 1999, in a place where the whole occult phenomenon, Nostradamus, UMA, etc. was hugely popular. A young girl, Maya, was heading towards  Waldstein Academy for the funeral of the principal. During the funeral, the principal left a tape message where he recited the passage from some Book of the Dead and from there, well, if your an Evil Dead fan, you know where it’s going. While the homage to Raimi will probably be only for this episode, it was a good way for any audience to get hooked on to the series as it shows promise as a “monster of the week” show with its nice mix of seriousness and comedy.  Also, it seems that we will also get the element of time traveling in the show, which was shown at the end of the episode. If anything, at least watch the first episode if your a fan of the Evil Dead series because you’ll get a kick out of it.

Crunchyroll is simu-casting Occult Academy, in which it will stream the episode live right after its airing in Japan. While you have to be a paid subscriber to watch it immediately, if you wait a couple of days, it will be open to non-subscribers.

Highschool of the Dead


Now it’s time for an anime that showed homage to Romero. Highschool of the Dead is your show if you love some gore, blood spilling show. The show has a great amount of fan service in the form of big bouncing boobs, ass shots, panty shots, etc. The show starts off  with some action and then it does some back tracking to explain how the characters are in the situation they are in. What starts off as a normal day, all it took was one bite for things to spread and panic to start. The anime is nothing but good, mindless fun and if you were a fan of the manga, you’ll be happy to know that it has been faithful to it so far. If your looking for some fun zombie action while getting to see some T&A, then Highschool of the Dead is the show for you.

Anime Network is streaming the anime, and unlike Crunchyroll, you don’t need to subscribe to anything to watch it immediately. You will have to register for an account but it’s just one those simple register a username type deals. They have both a SD and HD version of the stream.

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