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In 2005 Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller brought Sin City to the screen. In the years since then Rodriguez has promised to deliver a sequel to the adapted comic. It’s something he has been intending on doing for a while, but being rumored and teased for so long it’s become a bit a joke on whether it’s actually going to happen.

If you haven’t been cock teased enough, Rodriguez has given yet another update on the status of Sin City 2. Rodriguez told website Digital Spy that he still hopes to direct the follow-up to the popular comic and confirmed that a script had been in the works, but said that script needs to be re-written. When will this re-write happen? He doesn’t know. “It’s just finding the right time slot to do it,” he told the site. With the director planning on making another Spy Kids movie this coming September it might not be a while until we see a follow up to Frank Miller’s hit comic book series.

At this point do you even still want a sequel? Personally, I’d rather see him put his eye for action and bloody violence to the Deadpool (Spinoff of Fox’s x-Men Origins: Wolverine) movie  he was reportedly offered the director chair for.

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