Twilight – The Dick Pees!


We can’t pretend to know or care about Twilight.As far as we know that is the actual poster for the movie. The few things we do know come courtesy of our very own Writer/Stephanie Myers Basher extraordinaire Christine. (You can check out the article in reference here.) We also like to keep Twlight posts to a minimum on the site. So we’ve got a couple videos that came to us today we felt the need to share.  One is hilarious, and the other has lesbians you can fap to. Check out the funny and NSFW videos after the jump.

Sadly this doll does actually exist. I saw it with my very own eyes in a Mattel Catalog, however I think this version is slightly altered.  I feel dirty.

…and because we promised… LESBIANS!!!!!! NSFW (unless you work at a strip club. If you do, you should probably be workin’ the pole instead of fucking around on the internet, your kids aren’t going to feed themselves.)

Funny, we didn’t think Twilight could be any gayer. Guess we were wrong.


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