Lara Croft? Check. Meryl from Metal Gear Solid? I guess. I mean, if you look at her boobs long enough, she literally slaps you so hard you die. What are game designers thinking? I’m not racist, but apparently ALL game designers are into late 20’s, early 30 year old white men of Caucasian persuasion…Except the Niko from GTA or Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2, but Italian and Russian are still atypical “White dudes”. Or I’m not white (I am kinda white, not “Christine Foley WHITE”, Which IS a real Crayola color). Anyway this flow chart shows us 20 different game characters…And to tell you the truth, Ezio’s not there and I don’t know who the fuck is who!! I Think Niko is on the top left? Nope. Look for the full size after the jump. via unrealityprotagnoists

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