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Recently Rober Kirkman (writer, editor and letter for Image comics) sat down with USA Today to talk about the small screen adaptation of his wildly popular comic The Walking Dead.

Throughout the interview Kirkman explains the plot of Walking Dead comics and gives some hints about what is coming up in the most recent issues. On top of that he gives his reasons for opting WD to be made into a television series:

Kirkman is psyched to unleash The Walking Dead for many reasons. One, he has kids to put through college one day so having a potential hit show is a boon in that respect. But also, it’s one more comic that will get into the mainstream and may open other books up to new readers.
“Hopefully, things like The Walking Dead getting made will show people that comic books are an entertainment medium. They’re not just superheroes,” Kirkman says. “Anything you could get out of a novel or a television series or a movie, you can get that in some form or another in a comic book. It’s just another way to experience great drama and cool stories.”

Kirkman also goes on to say that he will be writing an episode of the series and constantly going in and out of the writers room to make sure things are running smooth. It sounds like he doesn’t want his “baby” to be dropped on its head like so many comic properties have been in the past.

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Here is a link to the actual Kirkman USA Today article

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