(Review by ex and sorely missed nerdbastards writer Barry Mahoney)

Predators finally gives justice to the original where the last two AVP films and even Predator 2 have failed. Not only is it a much more direct sequel to the first but, it is also a fully enjoyable reboot
of(in this humble reviewers opinion) the most bad ass monster that has ever been or ever will be! This movie is a tight, edge of your seat nail biter, with colorful well written characters, and guns blazingballs to the wall action. From the moment the characters fall from the sky onto this planet until the sequel enticing conclusion, you are going to see everything you ever wanted and more in a Predator movie. Period!

The original 1987 film Is one of those rare movies that never gets old. I am not even a little ashamed to say that I have probably watched Predator close to 300 times easy. Is it the best movie ever?
No. It is simply a movie that I enjoy just as much the three hundredth time I’ve seen it as I did the first. It’s filled with one liners, machismo at it’s best, and one ugly mother f***er of a monster! What’s not to love? So, that being said, I am the fist person to go into this movie looking to hate it. I’ve been let down twice already so the odds weren’t good.  Fact is, couldn’t find a single thing to hate.

The story is simple, if you saw the trailers you know the story. It’s a about a group of highly trained killers…and Topher Grace… That get dropped onto an alien planet to be hunted by the Predators. There ya go. That’s the story. It’s as simple as it is a perfect a scenario for a movie like this. They’re forced to work together to stay alive but, most of them hate each other. It makes for some good dialogue.Speaking of dialogue, there’s a lot of it. For the most part, it has the same pacing as the first movie so there is a lot of build up until the Predators take center stage. Man, oh man though, once they turn their plasma rifles on, you better start running!

Everyones perferomace was great. Anyone who questioned Adrien Brody‘s ability to be an action hero(myself included) shame on us! He wasn’t as  macho as Arnie was in the first. Instead, he took a more dead inside approach like, killing people is what he does and that’s all he
knows. Trust me when I say, he knows how to kill shit! Danny Trejo as a drug cartel enforcer wasn’t much of a stretch for him but, any movie is just that much better with a little bit of Danny Trejo in it. Right? Out of everyone though, I have to say Louis Ozawa Changchien as Honzo the yakuza is by far my favorite of the bunch. The guy has like one line in the whole movie but, he still manages to fully develop his character with his eyes and body language. That is hard to pull off!
Add in a prefect Brandoesque cameo by Mr. Larry Fishburne and you got yourself a movie!

It’s not without it’s flaws. There is a lull in the action towards the middle of the movie. There is only so much you need to know before it’s like, “okay I get it!” There’s a bit of sappiness here and there
and some cheesy one liners crowbar’d in.  Over all though, nothing ever really pulls you out of the story. There was also a couple of action sequences that could have been extended a bit because they come off as a bit rushed. Again, nothing glaring sticks out as a missed opportunity. I guess it’s me wishing the movie would never end.

At the end of the day this movie was crafted by fanboys specifically for fanboys. I think that the average movie goer will enjoy it for what it is, a wild ride filled with Sci Fi Horror! Fanboy like myself and I’m sure some of you Nerbastards will love it for what it gave us. What they gave us is a perfect sequel, filled with homage, throwbacks, and one liners  worthy of the title Predators!

Thank you Mr. Nimrod Antal. May we have another?

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