WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS

After no new episode last week, True Blood returns with a new episode that succeeded in ways that all the previous episodes this season had failed to do – move all the storylines along in interesting ways.

First off, Bill called Sookie and broke up with her, and even told her that he spent the night with Lorena and had violent sex “as only vampires could.” And Lorena, who is so delightfully evil, cracked her neck afterwards and told Bill that it was the best sex she’s had in decades. Bill, ever the bubble-burster, said that he did not love her and never will.

Bill then told the Vampire King all about Eric and the Queen selling V to avoid financial troubles, under the condition that once it is all completed, that the King kill Lorena. I guess in vampires some hate runs too deep to be forgotten after a night of angry sex. Go figure.

Oh, and he also lured a stripper to her doom after she told him that her life sucks and there is no point in finding joy or love. That moment really hit home with Bill, as it looked like he was regretting all his past actions. But, he did devour her with the King and Lorena, so we all must wonder what exactly is he doing with them. Is he really going against the Queen, or is he undercover and playing them?

Sookie, after reeling from the breakup with Bill, decided to help Alcide (her werewolf bodyguard) patch things up with his ex-fiancee. In doing so, she got his sister to doll her up like a hardcore biker chick and infiltrate the werewolf bar. Interestingly enough, we also learned that the Vampire King has been helping the “Operation Werwolf” pack for ages and even supplies the wolves with his own blood!

Speaking of blood, Eric’s plan with the Queen is discovered by the Magister, who quickly tortures Pam to hurt Eric. In order to not name the Queen as the source, Pam (and Eric) say Bill is the one behind it all, and the Magister gives them 2 days to find Bill and bring him to justice or he’ll kill Pam. I hope it doesn’t come to that, as Pam is an amazing part of the show.

Meanwhile, Franklin and his kidnapped girlfriend Tara went on the road to meet Russell the Vampire King, who seems to have hired him to find out everything regarding Bill and Sookie. Why he is doing that is not clear, but I would think Russell is just covering all his bases to make sure Bill isn’t playing him. This storyline is slowly picking up steam as it integrates with all the others, but the arc involving Tara, Jason and Sam sill need more development.

Jason is blackmailing new Sheriff Andy to become a cop, and Sam is still arguing with his biological family, who still aren’t evil yet, but I’m just waiting for them to … just you wait.

Also, Jessica is working at Merlotte’s, which I think was a damn good idea as she’s been sitting on the sidelines from most of the action by being with Bill all the time. I love her character and the actress, so I hope this makes her a more central character and gives her a lot more to do.

Lastly, the top three lines for this episode are:
3) No matter how well you think you know somebody, they can still turn you around and kick you in the nutsack” – Alcide to Sookie about Bill breaking up with her, and Sookie’s response of, “I don’t have a nutsack” deserves an honorable mention as well.
2) “I’m a vampire, not an idiot” – Jessica on the ‘complicated’ instructons on how to be a Merlotte’s hostess
1) “I guess the only way to get a promotion in this town is to drink like a fish, hallucinate farm animals and kill a black man.” – Female police officer on how to get ahead in Bon Temps

I give this episode 8.5 pints of blood out of 10 for showing potential and the inter-connectivity of everyone’s storylines.

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