While online games in the U.S. is all about whatever-ville games people are playing on Facebook, the Chinese may be doing something right. If you rack up enough points in the game, War Hero Online, you can trade in those points for some prizes that can be used in real life. Probably the best prize that young (and more likely virgin) gamers can get is a blow up sex doll from Japan. Thats right, gamers will finally be able to get some sweet (plastic) pie by gathering enough points.

Of course this will be interesting now since the Chinese government just declared that online games should not use sex and violence to attract customers. Pretty much, they would have to hide the fact that the game has violence and make it a secret that you can get a sex doll, which should be interesting. What do ya’ll think? Would some of ya’ll get into some online games if they gave prizes like this? How about the rules the Chinese government just passed, think it’s right or wrong?

Source: Gamma Squad

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