Who in the Nine Hells is this paramount piece of unholy she- devil ass? Its a wonder to see what these girls turn into from what they were when they were bucktoothed fuck faces. But that is the question. That always is the question..But I forget you don’t expect an easy answer…I want to know if you can look at this magnificently airbrushed picture and tell me who she was??AMber2Great Scott!! Amber Scott from the 1991 Spielberg film, Hook. Ms. Scott has apparently not gone down the acting path in film or in theater. As Maggie Panning, Peter Pan’s daughter in the movie, the song she sings “When Your Alone” was nominated for an Oscar in 1991, and Amber even went on to sing it on stage at the ceremony. I don’t know why she never did any more work, obviously having a knack at the proficiency, but she did go on to a Connecticut college, her trail going cold afterwards. The only thing that puzzles me is why her IMDB picture would be updated to such a recent and smokin’ hot version? The world may never know.

Amber Scott We speak your name.

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