Remember all of those old stop-motion animation and paper cartoons on Nickelodeon wayyyy back in the channel’s first years? Remember how trippy they were? Now imagine what the story of Legend of Zelda would have been like on Nick in 1982. Yeah. Weird.

Weird is how you feel when you watch this paper animation of the popular Nintendo title, created by ericpowerup.net. “Zelda on Paper” incorporates popular Zelda musical cues and actions, so even though the paper piecing seems a bit strange or off kilter, the work feels at home among the most of the franchise’s games. You’ll recognize the annoying Navi, stupid chickens and the freaky Giant Deku Tree that invites Link to enter its, um, hole. Link even hangs out in someone’s house and defiantly destroys their urns and bushes as they watch helplessly.

This really is an entertaining creation. Watch below, and don’t quit early — there’s another famous Nintendo title toward the end! When you’re done, head over to ericpowerup.net for more installments of “Zelda on Paper” and other creations.

Source: Neatorama

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