Hey bastards. We got another Hulk casting rumor to bring to your attention. As you know Edward Norton was recently ousted from reprising his role of The Incredible Hulk in Marvels upcoming ‘Avengers‘ flick. We’d rather not go into details on that drama as we’re tired out talking about it. Suffice to say Edwards out and we are moving on. Who’s to play the hulk in Nortons place?  Well, Marvel has been trying to sign a new actor ASAP as  they want to present the full cast at their Comic-Con panel. We heard rumblings that Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line, Gladiator) was offered the gig, but supposedly turned it down (didn’t the dude quit acting anyway?). Now, according to Deadline, Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30, Shutter Island) is in “late-stage discussion” to inherit the role in Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers’. That’s all the info we’ve got right now, but it’s certainly interesting. Ruffalo is an actors actor and would certainly bring some chops to the role. However, he’s not really a name that most of us would immediately think of to play Bruce Banner. Frankly, Ruffalo is a bit pudgy to be playing the skinny, weak science geek that is Bruce Banner.

While, we wait to hear more info I wonder what you bastards think about this. Is Ruffalo a good choice? What do you think?

OH, just as I was about to publish this post got a report from THR that says the deal-making process for Ruffalo isn’t as far along as Deadline made it sound. An offer had been made, but Ruffalo hasn’t met with Joss Whedon. Though, they are supposedly meeting late this week or over the pre-comic Con weekend.

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