First Look: Full Cast of ‘The Walking Dead’


Hey Bastards!If y’all don’t know by now we are super stoked for Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead. Which, for those that are unfamiliar is a new  live-action television series for AMC that is based on the acclaimed comic-book series by Robert Kikrman. It tells the tale of group of people coming together to survive the zombie apocalypse. There have been a few cast photos and and production videos released in promotion of the premier episode, which is still in production (will air in October on AMC), but now, for the first time we an epic pic of the full cast.

From left to right we have a zombie, Emma Bell as Amy, Jon Bernthal as Shame Walks, Steven Yuen as Glenn, Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes, Chandler Bong Riggs as Carl Grimes, Andrea Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Jeffery DeMunn as Dale and Laure Holden as Andrea.

If the show is as good as this promo pic then by god it looks like Hollywood has finally done a comic-booked based television series justice. It appears to be pretty faithful to the comic. It matches the style quite well. I don’t know much about the acting chops of the cast but from appearance alone they look amazing. You can instantly tell which actor is which character.

Proving this point, Live for Films has a side-by-side comparison of the actors to their comic characters.


Again we are super stoked for this series and you should be to. After all it’s being produced by AMC who are the fine folks that have brought us both Mad Men and Breaking Bad (best shows on televisions right now). That and the premier episode is being directed by Frank -FUCKING- Darabont (Blade Runner). Even if you have never read the comic or for that matter a fan of Zombies, this show is poised to rape your face.



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