Doctor Who Pole Dance

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I think my Tardis is broken and by Tardis I mean penis.

OK. So here’s the premise. A fine ass looking nerdy girlie, dressed as Doctor Who, works a stripper pole, all to the tune of the shows sweet electric theme. I quite frankly don’t need to write anymore than that. I’d actually be quite surprised if your not already watching the video. Are you still reading? Oh, your not a fan of Doctor Who you say? Ahem, may I remind you of the stripper pole and the hot girl? Oh, your of the opposite sex and or gay? Well, the girl has an uncanny resemblence of David Tennant, who as I am told is a fine looking man. This is a win win for nerds of all orientation. Actually, now that I think of it. I just wanked off to a girl dressed as dude. What does that say about me? I think my boy parts are confused. Oh, and if you didn’t watch the VID because you don’t like  videos shot on a cell phone with little to no production value. Well your just a picky bastard.

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