Ghostbusters 3 is Dead?


Bad news for all you Ghostbusters fans, as it seems that the long-awaited threequel everyone has been waiting for just got a lot less likely.

There have been rumors floating around ever since Ghostbusters 2 that there was going to be another movie, but it just never came together. However, since it is such a beloved film series and Hollywood loves franchises, the studio would be silly to not at least try it.

And, with the release of the Ghostbusters video game last year, hopes were high that something would happen. And happen it did! We were told that the original cast was back, and that it would include a new crop of young ‘busters to destroy the evil (with the old ones in more of a mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi-like role). Even Egon himself, actor and director Harold Ramis, said that we would see Ghostbusters 3 by the holiday season 2012.

But, with what Bill Murray said recently to GQ, that may not happen.

It appears that the main hurdle to get over is the dismal performance of Ramis’ Year One, which was penned by the same writers Harold Ramis hired to write Ghostbusters 3.

It’s all a bunch of crock. It’s a crock… Harold Ramis said, ‘Oh, I’ve got these guys, they write on The Office, and they’re really funny. They’re going to write the next Ghostbusters.’ And they had just written this movie that he had directed … Year One. Well, I never went to see Year One, but people who did, including other Ghostbusters, said it was one of the worst things they had ever seen in their lives. So that dream just vaporized. That was gone. But it’s the studio that really wants this thing. It’s a franchise. It’s a franchise, and they made a whole lot of money on Ghostbusters.

And it’s still one of the biggest movies of all time. And ever since that story broke, everywhere I go people are like, “So are you gonna make that movie?” I was down in Austin at South by Southwest, and you go at it hard down there—fun but, man, you need to sleep for days afterwards. Anyhow, I got into it one night with a bunch of younger people who were like, Oh, I love Peter Venkman! I grew up with Peter Venkman! We got to talking, and the more we talked about it, the more I thought, Oh Christ, I should just do this thing.

You can read the full interview with Bill Murray here.

Hopefully, the movie will still happen soon. But, don’t charge your proton packs just yet for seeing it Christmas 2012.

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