We don’t usual post celebrity gossip on our site, and 2 in a day is even more unheard of. But this news is so crazy and nuts we couldn’t pass it up. I will touch upon his geek/nerd work and tell you that, Mel has declared, his Hollywood career is over and its time to leave America. Showing the first resemblance of human emotion in years, Mel wept when he found out his ex and mother of his 7 children came to his defense against “Gold digger ” Oksana Grigorieva’s self leaked tapes last week of Mel’s Psychotic attack.

Having some serious untapped Nerd Credibility with starring role in Post apocalyptic sci-fi/Steampunk classic, Mad Max 1,2, and 3. The biggest Man loved film of all time, Braveheart, and sci-fi Alien movie Signs. The latter, Signs was an exceptional horror/thriller/ movie with a greatly innovative Alien to add to our alien rosters.

It is being widely discussed in Nerd circles that Oksana had Doctored the audio from the phone conversation and made herself seem sweet and innocent and didn’t put any of her REAL conversation in, but only inserted Mel’s Psychotic tirade.

And Mel has now admitted that his Hollywood career is now over. Sources claim:

“Meeting Oksana Grigorieva and leaving his wife was the biggest mistake of Mel’s life,” a friend of the actor tells me. “Robyn and the seven children they have together are heartbroken to see what has happened to him. Seeing the man they know as a husband and father being portrayed as a monster is very painful and not the man they thought they knew. However, neither is the man who would walk about from them for a younger Russian gold digger.”

So now the question is, will the former King of Hollywood Blockbusters be welcomed back home to Australia? His game plan seems to be pretty simple:

“Mel didn’t ask Robyn for the affidavit and wept when he found out about she had done for him. He just wants his life to return to normal. Before he ever met that woman,” an insider tells me. “He knows his Hollywood career is over. Now he just wants to return to Australia with his ex wife and children. Buy a ranch in the outback and live the rest of his life out of the spotlight.”

How long before he makes his “America Comeback Tour!!”? Robyn, his original wife hasn’t commented on taking him back, but she must have some love for him if she came to his defense after hearing that INSANE rant. His last movie the Edge of Darkness, a Boston Based film , the movie came out to lackluster reviews and a smaller fan turnout.Which means his fanbase ain’t likin’ the new Mel.

The question, not will Australia or Robyn take him back, which is fucken stupid, cuz how can a country not want him back??? Thats just stupid. As much of a cocksucker Mel as been in the last, well, years, it’s up to her. He cheated on her and knocked a chick, the kids now number nine. NINE!! That’s a congregation! He always seemed so cool and nice in the mid 90’s and with all the production issues on the Passion of the Christ, for instance Jim Caviezel being struck by lightning on the crucifix and surviving. Like God is saying ” Hey Mel!! Are you fucking kidding me? REALLY? I know you’re devout, but I think maybe ya know-You should sit this one out!!”

Anyhoo, the former America Sweetheart and heartthrob has become a literal joke, and needs to move, because he’s Michael Richarded himself into corner with four walls and a roof. Goodbye Mel, we will miss your films. Well, maybe not the new ones.

Goodbye Mel, we will miss you and rent your old films, back before you got Mad Cow disease.

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