Perhaps thinking fans weren’t excited enough for Thor and Captain America flicks, Marvel has just released a pair of concept art posters. Which, will be distributed this weekend at SDCC 2010. The posters are based on preproduction art by Ryan Meinerding (Cap) and Charlie Wren (Thor), rather than stills from the the movie. The art perfectly reflects the iconic-ness and over all spirit of the characters (except for maybe the gun is Cap’s hand. Cap doesn’t use a gun. Pfft!). They are truly beautiful EPIC . Though, they certainly tickle our taint with excitement it remains to be seen if the movies will capture the same vivacity.

SDCC attendees will be able to grab their own posters starting this Thursday. Then on Saturday, the stars of both films will be in attendance to autograph the posters. Followed by the panel discussion on both “Thor” and “Captain America” starting at 6pm in Hall H with the cast and filmmakers.

“Thor” will be released on May 20, 2011, with “Captain America: The First Avenger” not hitting until July 22.

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