The Dog Says; BATMAN!


At NerdBastards we really like animals. I  mean really. Several of the staffers keep peanut butter in their desk “just in case”. What do we like more than having our balls licked? Nothing, but what comes close?! NERD ANIMALS! Pugs are adorable… in pictures. Realistically they’re a little gross, (No, I don’t want to look at your asshole, PUT SOME GODDAMN DOGGY PANTS ON!) and pretty annoying. Unless of course you take Ambien at night to sleep, then you’re probably less concerned with the dog snoring and more with the fact that you’ve woken up from a black out in a bloodstained school girl uniform and your balls are sticky with peanut butter….again. What the hell is this post about? OH CUTE DOG SAYS BATMAN! Without further adieu….

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