60 Colossal Failures in Cosplay


San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and while the mecca of nerd media sally fourths it also means the cosplay nerds will be coming out to play. Cosplay being the practice of dressing up like a fictional character and showing off your goods costumes to like minded disinterested fanboys. Well, there are certainly a number of examples of cosplay done right, there is an army of people who, shall we say are rather un-gifted in the looks department, have tried their hand at the cosplay thing, all with rather ugly results.

And, here are 60 examples in the perversion of the practice. Enough, eye gauging, puke inducing costume failures to ruin your entire Comic-Con weekend.

We are sincerely sorry if seeing any of the pictures here scar you for life or make you lose faith in humanity.

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