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As San Diego Comic-Con starts to gear itself up, more and more details are coming out about the superhero movies we will be seeing in the next few years. One that fans, and myself are chomping at the bit for information on, is Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

The costume has already been revealed on the cover on Entertainment Weekly and discussed in an earlier post, but more information has recently come to light.

Caution, some of this could be considered spoilers, so watch out!

According to GeekTyrant:

  • The image that we saw of Green Lantern on the cover of EW is still a work in progress. From the neck down is basically what we see in the film. The CGI is still not finished in the image.
  • The mask was obviously photoshopped in. The real mask will be a physical mask and not look like it’s been painted on his face.
  • 25 alien Green Lanterns, each with a different energy signature, were designed for major and minor roles in the movie.
  • The film will mostly be based mainly Secret Origins.
  • A key-scene in the film will feature all the 3,600 Green Lanterns!
  • Parallax’s origin is different from the comics.
  • Fans of Sinestro will be happy to know that the mustache is untouched. It’s thin and divided into the corners of his mouth
  • Writers have already outlined ideas for the second and the third movie, which include Sinestro’s downfall; The Sinestro Corps War; the destruction of Coast City; Hal Jordan becoming Parallax and etc.
  • One of the main alien Green Lanterns is a completelly original character and his design was created by Ivan Reis.

Based on all this information, as well as everything that has been revealed already, I think it has great potential to be an amazing movie franchise. I cannot wait to see footage of it at Comic-Con!

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