We got a new batch of characters that were recently revealed for the epic cross over, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Capcom, the wonderful company that whores the hell out of the Mega Man franchise, released couple videos (which are viewable after the jump) for Comic-Con 2010. Doctor Doom and Chun-Li will be making their return to the cross over in the third game while Super Skrull and Trish (Devil May Cry) makes their fighting debut. Trish will be wielding a blade while using her demon powers and Super Skrull seems to have the power of the Fantastic Four in him, which makes him an interesting character to use.

While this was announced, it seems that Marvel kind of jumped the gun and revealed two more characters, who are new to the fighting franchise. Those two are Okami’s Amaterasu, which means you get to play as wolf, and Marvel’s Thor (Yup, more Thor for us). Unfortunately, we only have pictures of the two since they were revealed a bit early and Marvel quickly took down everything when they realized what they did.

Check after the jump for the 3 new videos as well as some pictures. So, with the announcement of these new characters, are you more excited for the game and happy to see some new faces? Or have they not announced someone you wanted? Tell us who you want in the game after the break.





Source: Capcom’s Unity Blog, Destructoid

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