There is something about a kitchen that makes me think, “Mmmmm…good.” And I’m not talking about my mom’s homemade cookies. I actually think about getting a little kinky on the counter or table with my significant other…come on, I know you have all done/thought of doing the same thing. I have no shame. So the thought of my chick trotting around in a Princess Leia apron makes me giddy (and even more so if she was naked underneath the apron). And then I could wear the Darth Vader apron and I could attack her with my lightsaber….ok, now I must purchase these things….

Both aprons go for $24.99 over at the Star Wars Shop, on pre-order. But, they ship out on August 5th. Both machine washable, 100% polyester, 29 inches long (not including strap) and one-size-fits-all.

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