Cutest Serenity Figures EVER!


I love Firefly. I love Serenity. I love all the characters that Joss Whedon created in that universe, and I wish that show could have continued on … but that’s a story for another post.

I am here to talk about some figurines so cute that I may have to get a grin-ectomy for smiling so much when I see them. These figurines are just asking to be bought and looked at whenever you, or another Browncoat (what fans of the show and/or movie call themselves) needs cheering up.

The newest additions to Quantum Mechanix’s “Little Damn Heroes” line of Serenity maquettes have been revealed in time for SDCC – River Tam and Wash. This is in addition to the already made Kaylee, Mal and Jayne.

I cannot find when the River and Wash figurines become available for pre-order, but they will most likely be displayed on the Quantum Mechanix website.

Pictures of all the maquettes can be found below the jump. Seriously, how CUTE are they?


Kaylee - The cutest engineer ever


Mal - The Captain who aims to misbehave


River Tam - As fruity as an Oaty Bar


Wash - The pilot who soars like a leaf on the wind


Jayne - The Hero of Canton is the man they call ... Jayne

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