It is official, Marvel’s The Avengers finally has a director!

Now, there have been rumors for months over who would direct this dream project, with most of the attention focused on one man: Joss Whedon.

At San Diego Comic-Con today, a full two days before The Avengers panel everyone will be paying attention to, Whedon announced that he is indeed directing the movie. While not a huge surprise, it is now 100 per cent confirmed.

While he did not elaborate on his the project much, Whedon did say that he is currently outlining a script, but that he is emphasizing the “family aspect” of the team.

It’s totally counter-intuitive. These people should not be in the same room together, let alone on a team, and that to me is the definition of family.

A lot more news will be coming from SDCC about The Avengers on Saturday night … so stay tuned!

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