Zack Snyder talks 300 prequel


La Times’ Sat with Zack Snyder, the Director of the Frank Miller graphic novels, revealed that the crazy train is off the rails,  for him to bring the the unnamed 300 prequel story by Frank Miller to the screen…

As for the story, Snyder says.. It’s official: Zack Synder, the director of “300,” is going back into battle on the side of the ancient Greeks — and Frank Miller. “We closed the writing deal on ‘Xerxes.’ We started writing about a week ago,” Snyder said, referring to his script work with “300″ collaborator Kurt Johnstad. “So we’re doing it. It’s happening.”

Snyder has a first-look deal with Warner Bros. and the presumption is that Snyder will direct this film, but that’s not a done deal yet.

“It’s really going to depend on what the studio wants to do and what we do when we finish; I don’t have a directing deal in place but we are writing it, so call it intent,” Snyder said with a chuckle when I visited his office the other day. “If there was a crime they could probably convict me.”

Snyder also says that a cameo from Leonidas of  300 fame,  is a possibility. I was really looking forward to seeing the prequel that the Ephors  mention in  in 300 part one. He said, roughly, ” “We can’t afford to send our army at Xerxes after the last debacle of yours,  Leonidas” Which lends me to think, what the fuck was Zach Snyder up to while writing that scene???

“This movie follows Themistocles and the Battle of Artemisium, which coincidentally happens on the exact same three days as the Battle of Thermopylae [which was the basis of ‘300’],” Snyder said. “This one starts off with a quick retelling of the why of the Persian wars. It starts off at the Battle of Marathon and then it goes back to Themistocles finding out that Persians are invading again. and off we go over to learn a little bit about why Xerxes is the way he is. Darius [the Persian king and father of Xerxes] gets wounded at Marathon and he’s super cool and like a great guy. Even the Greeks are like, ‘Darius is awesome.’ After Darius dies, Xerxes is so distraught, but Darius had told him, ‘Don’t attack the Greeks, only a god can punish the Greeks.’ So that’s when he calls his mystics and wizards and says, ‘Make me a god so I can avenge my father.’ “

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