Comic-Con 2010: Marvel Anime To Air On G4


So yeah, two years ago (yes two freaking years ago), Madhouse Studios (Trigun, Paranoia Agent) announced that in collaboration with Marvel Animation, that they will make an Iron Man and Wolverine anime (click on each name to view their trailers from last year). Here we are in 2010 and we finally get news that G4 will be the station that will air the anime. With Iron Man airing first, then Wolverine, we’ll eventually get an X-Men anime as well as a Blade anime.

The Iron Man anime will have Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, new Japanese characters, and an army of Iron Man Dio’s. The Wolverine anime obviously have Wolverine, Mariko Yashida, Omega Red, and Yukio. Both are set for a 2011 release and no news if G4 Canada will air the anime since they are a separate company with US’s G4.

So, any of ya’ll interested in an anime version of beloved Marvel characters or is this news one of the most terrible thing you have heard? My only complain is why air it on G4 since I pretty much stopped watching that channel within the last couple years (Yes, I miss TechTV). Tell us what ya think after the jump.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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