Of the many, many, toy announcements at SDCC, there might not have been any bigger—or more previously well-known—than Mattel’s new Masters of the Universe Classics line, which is made for collectors and sold to collectors at MOTU Classics by Mattel celebrates the 25+ year history of its flagship toy line. The figures and packaging are a throwback to the original classic figures, but unlike their 80’s counterpart they are highly detailed and fully articulated. Each month 1 new figure (plus a bonus figure) is released to its exclusive website. Figures are given limited runs and when they hit the website they sell out quick, in just a few minutes. Over a dozen figures have been released in the last year or so. We’ve seen He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man and other core characters. We’ve also been privileged to get characters that haven’t seen a new figure since their original debut in the 80’s such as Scare Glow. We’ve even got a few figures that for whatever reason never got produced in original or proceeding lines. Such as He-Ro-The Most Powerful Sorcerer in The Universe, She-Ra’s alter ego- Princess Adora, Count Marzo and a few others. Anyway, us He-Man fans have been eagerly awaiting to see whats next.

Mattel’s panel at San-Diego Comic revealed what figures are lined up for the next 8 months and as with all previous line up announcements there is the good, the awesome and the bizarre.


Aug. Whiplash


Sep. Chief Carnivus


Sep. bonus (oversized figure) Gygor

Based on a prototype and concept of a never produced 80’s figure.


Oct. Roboto


Oct. Bonus Weapons Pack


Nov. Palace Guards


Nov. Bonus King Greyskull Re-Issue


Dec. Buzz-Off


Jan. Bow


Jan. Bonus (Overized Figure) Shadow Beast


Feb. Vikor

Vikor: He-man of the North is based on a very early He-man concept back when Mattel was first producing the original 80’s line.


Feb. Bonus. Battle Armor Skeletor


March. King Hsss


Club Enternia Figure (yearly figure exclusive to Mattycollector subscription service) Preternia Disguise He-Man. Who the fuck is this guy? He comes from a vintage minicomic “The Powers of Greyskull- The Legend Begins”. In the comic He-man travels back in time to the time of preternia and for reasons unclear he needs to walk around incognito.

So, there you have it. As expected each figure looks awesome and I’m impressed by all of them. Particularly loving the Royal Guards Two Pack, Shadow Beast and yes…even Bow. A little disappointed in the lack of core characters. Especially given the choices to produce  concept characters like Vikor and Gygor in their place. Hamburgler Preternia He-Man is a bit of a weird figure too. It would need to come with a reprint of the minicomic to be appreciated. Regardless, 2010 is going to be a pretty expensive year for me.

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