Did anyone else notice a theme throughout tonight’s new episode? Cause I certainly did – Blood, and lot’s of it! I am tempted to think that this was the most amount of blood ever seen in an episode of True Blood, and this is a show that does not shy away from showing gratuitous violence.

The show began with a bang, by having Bill attack guards and the Vampire King Russell himself. Of course, a King must not take an insult like that lightly, so he orders Lorena to kill Bill. She proceeds to fillet him like a fish (while enjoying every minute of it), before leaving him to be sucked dry by werewolves.

Russell decided to have a nice long chat with Sookie about her powers, in which we learn nothing new, but she did learn about Bill’s file on her. Other than that, Sookie took a bit of a backseat in the episode, until the end when she escaped with Tara and got bitten by Lorena while attempting to save Bill. I’m hoping Lorena gets a big blast of fairy power right in the face, and that Bill will exact sweet revenge upon her.

Tara kept on playing Franklin like a fiddle, before bludgeoning him to (apparent) death with a mace after having sex with him hopped up on his own blood. I don’t think Franklin is dead, as you need to decapitate a vampire, but she did turn his face into bloody mulch … so you never know.

Phew. I never realized so much happened in the episode until I tried to repeat it! Anyway, carrying on:

We caught up with Jason and Crystal, who were getting all hot and heavy, before she started sniffing the air and told Jason that it would never work out between the two of them. Confused, as Jason usually is, he went to go find her and profess his love and willingness to be with her no matter what.

What he did not expect was that she would be engaged to marry the redneck who bought the V from Lafayette from a few weeks back, and that she would pretend not to know him. I am still sticking with my guns that she is either a were-panther or a fairy, but only time will tell which.

Eric was flirting with both Russell and his man-servant in order to get into the King’s confidence, so I believe he can murder the King just as he murdered his father (see last week’s flashback). Eric also helped, by threatening to pop Queen Sophie-Anne’s head off like a cork, to get her to accept Russell’s proposal of marriage.

Also, Lafayette and Jesus went out, but it ended badly when Jesus learned just how Lafayette gets his money. Jessica is now using her powers to feed in Merlotte’s, and Sam ran off to help his brother, as it appears his shape-shifting brother and mother are involved with illegal dog-fighting.

Quite a lot happened in the episode, for which I am glad, as this season has been full of stories that are limping along (namely the Tara and Sam ones). I am glad to see that they are slowly but surely coming together. I still wish Jessica was in it more, and where was Pam this episode?

Best lines of the episode:
3) “I will rip your head off and throw it into the pool. And I will have fun doing it.” – Eric threatening Sophie-Anne to get her to accept Russell’s proposal
2) “Momma’s feeling lucky tonight!” – Sophie-Anne on getting more lottery tickets to win the big prize
1) “I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage … as a hat” – Lorena to Sookie

This episode, for its insane blood-lust and drive to move all the stories forward (some more than others), it deserves a solid eight pints of blood out of 10.

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